4 Differences between Interesting and Boring People


    4 Differences between Interesting and Boring People

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    People can be both interesting and boring. If you want to know, what to do when you are boring, the first thing you should understand is that nobody is boring. It’s only what interests you might not interest the ones around you. For instance, if I enjoy financial talks I will be tagged as boring in a group where people enjoy light gossips. So basically, everyone is interesting to some and boring to others.

    As humans are habitual of tagging some as interesting while other as boring, there are few differences between the two based on general perception.

    Balanced and Unbalanced Conversations:

    The major difference between interesting and boring is that while the former finds a perfect balance between talking and listening, the boring people are on either extreme. What to do when you are boring? It means they don’t maintain a rhythm between talking and listening, rather they either do all the talking or none at all. At times, continual blathering and not picking on other’s body language whether he or she is engaged in your talks or just nodding to be polite earns you a boring person tag.

    Ability to Make People Laugh:

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    The interesting person possess the cognitive flexibility which is required for humor. It is this ability by which a person can access a statement, idea or event from different perspectives, and then, make light of it. Only interesting people possess that ability while boring ones lack it. They can’t make light of any situation, rather take life too seriously.

    Coming Out of Comfort Zone:

    Everyone has a comfort zone within which one is most comfortable and at ease. Interesting people when forced out of their comfort zone try to find comfort in a new situation and quickly adjust in the new surroundings. The boring ones, on the other hand, keep sulking about being forced out of their comfort zone making the situation all the more difficult for themselves and those around them.

    Art of Including Others in the Conversation:

    An interesting person can include everyone in their conversation with ease. They have the ability to start a common topic that interest all. The boring ones just get stuck on a topic that interests them and they just tell their point of view in detail making it a monotonous and boring for others.

    Dreamers Vs Posers:

    Interesting people are always dreamers and they work to turn those dreams into reality. Boring people are posers. Dreaming and working on making those dreams into reality makes people good at conversations, they are well informed and like to interact with others in a positive manner. The boring ones are always posers and cribbers. They are scared of trying anything new and keep their schedule monotonous. They are constantly negative having a victim mentality, scarcity mentality or the blaming mentality.

    Now that you know the difference between the interesting and boring person based on a general perspective, you should be able to figure out, what to do when you are boring.


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